University of Pavia

The University of Pavia is an Italian Host Institution with a centuries-old tradition of excellence, having had as part of its faculty 3 Nobel Prize winners and renowned scientists such as Alessandro Volta, Antonio Scarpa and Gerolamo Cardano. 2021 marked its 660th birthday, making the University of Pavia one of the most ancient universities in the world. At present, it is home to a vibrant and diverse academic community composed by more than 23,000 students and almost 1,000 members of the teaching staff, coming from Italy but also from abroad. The international profile of UNIPV is continuously growing, with more than 400 international ongoing collaborations with academe and industry partners, and 700 Erasmus agreements in place with partner universities worldwide.


International Networks:

Department of Physics

Research at the Department of Physics covers a broad range of topics, from theory of fundamental interactions, to theoretical physics, to condensed matter (both theoretical and experimental), as well as to applied and biomedical physics. In all R&I activities, Technology Transfer towards research centers and industry partners plays a key role. The Department features education & outreach activities in history of physics and in science education, as well as its own Bachelor, Master, and PhD programmes in Physics.

Courses & Lectures – Prof. Giulia Fulvia Mancini

B.Sc. in Biotechnology

  • Experimental Physics [500185]

M.Sc. Program in Physical Sciences

  • Ultrafast Laser Physics and Techniques for Soft – Condensed Matter

Ph.D. Program in Physics

Thesis & Internships topics

Bachelor Thesis

  • Femtosecond pump-probe imaging experiments
  • Image analysis in out of equilibrium conditions
  • Investigation of the ultrafast response in nanoparticles assemblies
  • Ptychographic CDI reconstruction
  • Analysis of Electron Diffraction Patterns in out-of-equilibrium conditions
  • Analysis of photoinduced electronic and structural changes in functional perovskites through Ultrafast X-ray Methods

Master Thesis

  • Ultrafast EUV Ptychography
  • Ultrafast Electron Diffraction & Speckle Imaging
  • Algorithms Development for Ultrafast Ptychography

More topics available upon contacting